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Meet Lorna

Hi! Welcome to Arch Wellness. My name is Lorna, your favorite massage therapist and esty friend. I completed training for Massage Therapy at Florida Career College, and received my license in 2012. My focus has always been pain management and helping others feel better with focused pain relief methods through massage and stretching techniques. I am dedicated to helping others achieve physical wellness while improving the quality of people’s lives through natural health. I love providing chair massage for individuals at events, conferences, and corporate offices. It allows me travel, meet a great number of people and provide care for those in need of stress relief. 

I am also a Licensed Esthetician and received certification from Sheridan Technical College in 2017. When I began working in skin care I thought back to the 13-year old me, face full of acne – walking through the aisle of the drug store trying to decide what to use for my skin, and being very confused and disappointed. Going to school for esthetics was the first step in learning how to treat my own skin concerns. I decided that skin care was a great addition to my overall wellness journey and I am so excited to help others, especially those with acne, hyperpigmentation and dehydrated skin. I strive to continue my education in order to become more knowledgeable and help others.  

More about Lorna

Not only am I passionate about my career, but the reasons I do it all is for my family. I am a devoted mom and the wife of an Army Veteran. Family means so much to me and they are the reason why I began my wellness journey. For so long I felt lost and did not understand my purpose in life. I went through a lot of emotions as a woman, a mom, an entrepreneur, and all the other titles deemed to me. With God and the support of my loving family I am able to service my community with honest practices and genuine care.